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HOW-TO Install OpenVPN with Web GUI
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OpenVPN Web Certificate Management project


This project is a configuration, certification and management tool for OpenVPN using a web-based interface. It shows the status of multiple OpenVPN servers running on the same system, for each it shows the VPN connections, and openvpn / openssl configuration. Moreover, it provides client certificate management. Project is being written completely on PHP 5 with-openssl and Smarty, however it does run on PHP 4. The development platform is both CentOS and Ubuntu, but it should as well be running under any Apache2/PHP5/Smarty platform. See README file or HOW-TO Install Page for details.

This is a web-based Configuration and Certification Management tool. This is intended for administrators who need to create multiple OpenVPN networks. Instead of having to install and generate certificates on each server, this centralizes the management


The project is being developed by Jonathan Bayer, who is a senior systems administrator/senior programmer, and I love to make systems management user-friendly with help of some programming. As OpenVPN is one of (if not the) best free VPN solutions, I decided to make it simple to visually monitor and maintain the OpenVPN service.   Rather than reinvent the wheel, I forked a project called "OpenVPN Web GUI", written by Mikhail Levin, which has been dormant for 4 years.

Current version (0.1.0) does exactly the following:

  • does not check the authorization; use the Apache .htaccess file to limit access;
  • shows the version of openvpn service;
  • shows the list of connected peers (uses status log file, version 2);
  • shows the brief configuration of openvpn server;
  • shows the list of all openssl certificates (actually, not ALL of them, but only those, which are made to be used for openvpn service);
  • shows the content of a certificate (not a private key);
  • builds the private key, CSR and public certificates;
  • downloads private key, CSR or public certificate;
  • downloads configuration certificate files;
  • downloads private key, CSR and public certificate in a ZIP file (along with custom files, provided by you).
  • uses the management interface, if it is defined
  • can kill/restart a client or server, if the management interface is being used
  • create an installation file for Windows, which will both install OpenVPN and the config files
  • revoke a client certificate
  • can install a client or server on to the current system
  • interface available for plugins to be written for expansion.  In fact, some of the current functionality is provided by plugins.

    The README file gives more information about plug-ins.

    You may take a brief look at screenshots to see the project in action

    IMPORTANT: The project requires  you have the status-version 2 statement in your openvpn.conf file!  If you are using existing OpenVPN configurations, make sure that this is set properly.


    The TODO list is as following:

  • do the authorization (preferably against LDAP);
  • allow superuser, account manager and user access;
  • user can download his security files only;
  • account manager can build and revoke certificates;
  • view the full openvpn configuration;
  • view the openssl configuration;
  • modify configuration;
  • stop/start service;
  • quick start wizard; like, to make the initial configuration of fresh openvpn installation

    If you want to share your ideas with Jonathan about the project, please use Sourceforge.Net forum.

    Finally, the history of project:

  • 02-22-2010.  Version 0.1.1 | Small bug fix & (typo in revocation plugin), updated Systemcheck plugin.  
    New feature added - plugin to email config file, either encrypted or not.
  • 02-18-2010.  Forked.  Version 0.1.0
    Prefork history
  • 08-18-2005. Version 0.3.2|This is the bugfix. Fixes the ugly bug in certificate downloads. I do recommendto redownload all certificae files, for the users, who has the Hexadecimal ID withalphabetical digits (i.e. 0A to 0F, 1A to 1F, etc). I am so sorry I was that stupidto allow this bug :(
    NOTE:Refix is available as 0.3.2a -- fixes the problem on Linux with ZIP file integrity.
  • 07-26-2005. Version 0.3.1 | Added the function to create a ZIP file, which contains the certificate files, and optional files from the downloads/ folder (i.e. TLS certificate). See config.inc for details on new configuration items for ZIP downloading. Please note, that you need to install the zlib for PHP5 in order to create ZIP files from PHP.
  • 07-13-2005. Version 0.3.0 | Have changed the minor version number, because introduced the new feature: plug-ins support.
    Because of that had to do many changes in the rest of the project, mainly to reflect more flexible structure of the menu and left navigation bar. To demonstrate the plug-in mechanism, I moved the PHP5 openssl functions check into the separete plug-in, which you may temporarly turn on on the initial installation, to check if PHP has got openssl functions compiled in.
    Not everything in carefully checked before calling for a plug-in functins, so bugfixes might come soon.
  • 06-14-2005. Version 0.2.7 | The certificate files of openvpn now can be downloaded.
  • 06-08-2005. Version 0.2.6 | All certificate files will be stored in separate folders. For now there is one folder for all of them -- newpem, but you are free to use truely separate ones.
    Added download of certificate files. Available from certificate list and from certificate details.
  • 04-30-2005. Version 0.2.5 | Added a check for openssl_ function presence into Config screen.
    Added examples of openssl.conf and openvpn.cnf into a tarball. Updated HOWTO, added the Apache / PHP5 / Smarty installation notes.
  • 04-04-2005. Version 0.2.4 | Serious changes in generating new certificate. Added newpem/ directory support. Added the 4.2.1 section in HOWTO. Changed some permissions (5.5 section in HOWTO).
  • 04-04-2005. Version 0.2.3 | Minor change. Added Custom Home Page URL in config.inc.
  • 04-02-2005. Version 0.2.2 | Just passed again all the way of installation and wrote the HOW-TO install page. Fixed couple of bugs.
    Hope I will see some feedbacks on the forum :)
  • 03-01-2005. Version 0.2.2 | Tried to install everything on a fresh installation. Tweaked sources a bit.
  • 02-20-2005. Version 0.2 | I am moving the project to another developing machine. To the backup openvpn server, in fact. I'll see if something went broken and will issue the patch then.