See the file REQUIRED.txt for a list of all required packages.  These packages
MUST be installed before configuring the system, since the system 
configuration is dependent on the locations of some of the packages.

1.  Untar the file into a convenient directory in your /home.  Default
    is /home/openvpn.  These instructions will assume the default directory
    for purposes of discussion.

    The scripts are currently set up to work with a base 
    directory of  /home/openvpn

    If you want to be able to install servers on the local system from 
    the web page, you will need to add a line to the sudoers file to
    allow Apache to run a script as root.  This line is in the file:

2.  Add a virtual host to Apache using the file:

    There is a sample SSL file called:
    Unless this is installed on a totally secure server in a totally secure
    environment, you should use SSL and set it up securely.

3.  Cd to the install directory.

    Run the shell script:

    Change   the   owner/group   to  your   Apache   user.   Example:   
        chown   -R www-data.www-data /home/openvpn

    In the directory called "setup" you will find some sample Apache config
    files.  I highly recommend that you use ssl to access this, since some
    scripts have to run as root.  Once installed, restart Apache.
    The file "sudoers" in the same directory contains a sample entry for your
    sudo file.  Use visudoers to edit the sudoers file, and copy the line.

4.  cd /home/openvpn/www/status

There are currently 3 configuration files to edit:

5.  Edit the file  Edit the entries as necessary.

        Make sure that the library paths for www, smarty, validate and Home are
        correct (first 4 lines in the config file)
        The two most important lines are:
        $config['Home'] = '/home/openvpn/';
        $config['openvpn']['folder']     = '/etc/openvpn/';
        If you want the status page only, change the mode to 
        say  status  instead of  full
        First, because the project HAS to read openssl and openvpn configuration,
        give the www group (or what is your apache group) read right to:
        The following files/dirs require rw access:

6.  Edit the file plugins/win32installer/

        Make sure that the two entries are pointing to the correct locations:
        The 'openvpnguipath' need to point to where the win32 installer is located
        The 'makensis' need to be pointing to the makensis executable

7.  Edit the file plugins/revokecrt/

        Make sure that the two entries are pointing to the correct locations.
        See the comments in the file for specific information